ET7812 – 3-Teminal Regulators

ET7812 Information is available here.

Part Number : ET7812

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, 3-Teminal Regulators.

Pinouts :

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Manufacturer : ETIC

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ET7812 データシート

Some text files in PDF file :

ET78 XX 3-Terminal Regulators Output Current Up to 1.5 A No External Components Internal Thermal Overload Protection High Power Dissipation Protection Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting Output Transistor Safe-Area Compensation NOMINA OUTPUT VOLTAGE 5V 6V 8V 8.5V 9V 10V 12V 15V 18V 20V 24V 27V REGULATOR ET7805 ET7806 ET7808 ET7885 ET7809 ET7810 ET7812 ET7815 ET7818 ET7820 ET7824 ET7827 DESCRIPTION This series of fixed-voltage monolithic integrated-circuit voltage regulators designed for a wide range of applications. These applications include on-card regulation for elimination of noise and distribution problems associated with single-point regulation. Each of these regulators can deliver up to 1.5 amperes of output current. The internal limiting and termal shutdown features of these regulators make them essentially immune to overload. Absolute maximum ratings over operating temperature range (unless otherwise noted) ET78-40 35 2 15 0 to 150 -65 to 150 260 UNIT V W Input voltage ET7824, ET7827 All others Continuous total dissipation at 25 free-air temperature Continuous total dissipation at (or below) 25 case temperature Operating free-air, case, or virtual junctions temperature range Storage temperature range Lead temperature 1.6mm (1/16) from case for 10 seconds Recommended operating conditions PARAMETER ET7805 ET7806 ET7808 ET7885 ET7809 ET7810 ET7812 ET7815 ET7818 ET7820 A7824 A7827 MIN 7 8 10.5 10.5 11.5 12.5 14.5 17.5 21 23 27 30 0 MAX 25 25 25 25 27 28 30 30 33 36 38 40 1.5 125 UNIT Input voltage, Vl V Output current, lO Operating virtual junction temperature, TJ A ET78 XX A7805 electrical characteristics at specified virtual junction temperature, Vl = 10V, lO = 500mA (unless otherwise noted) PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS* ET7805 TYP MAX MIN 4.8 5 5.2 25 Output voltage** 4.75 5 5.25 lO = 5mA to 1A, 0 to 125 Vl = 8V to 21V, P 15W Input regulation Vl = 8V to 25V 3 100 25 Vl = 8V to 12V 1 50 Ripple rejection Vl = 8V to 18V, f = 120 [ … ]

ET7812 PDF File

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