ELIS-1024A-LG – High Performance Linear Image Sensors

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Part number : ELIS-1024A-LG

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Performance Linear Image Sensors.

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Manufacturer : Panavision Imaging

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ELIS-1024A-LG Datasheet PDF

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ONE TE C H N O L O G Y PLACE – HOMER, NEW YORK 13077 TEL: +1 607 749 2000 FAX: +1 607 749 3295 www.PanavisionImaging.com / sales@PanavisionImaging.com High Performance Linear Image Sensors ELIS-1024 IMAGER The Panavision Imaging ELIS is a high performance linear image sensor designed to replace CCD’s in a wide variety of applications, including: • Edge Detection • Contact Imaging • Bar Code Reading • Finger Printing • Encoding and Positioning • Text Scanning P/N: ELIS-1024A-LG 16-pin LCC package P/N: ELIS-1024A-D-ES 16-pin ceramic DIP package P/N: ELIS-1024A-CP-ES CSP package (µBGA)


The ELIS-1024 Linear Image Sensor consists of an array of high performance, low dark current photo-diode pixels. The sensor features sample and hold capability, selectable resolution and advanced power management. The device can operate at voltages as low as 2.8V making it ideal for portable applications. A key feature over traditional CCD technology is that the device can be read and reread Non-Destructively, allowing the user to maximize signal to noise and dynamic range. Internal logic automatically reduces power consumption when lower resolution settings are selected. A low power standby mode is also available to reduce system power consumption when the imager is not in use. Available in a low cost SMT package as well as a high performance dual inline ceramic package. Key


• Low Cost • Single Voltage Operation, Wide Operating Range • Selectable Resolutions of 1024, 512, 256 and 128 pixels • Intelligent Power Management and Low-Power Standby Mode • Sample and Hold • Full Frame Shutter and Dynamic Pixel Reset (DPR) Modes • High Sensitivity • High Signal to Noise • Non-Destructive Read Capable, extremely low noise capable via signal averaging • 1.0 kHz to 30.0 MHz Operation • Very Low Dark Current • Completely Integrated Timing and Control • Replaces Entire CCD Systems, Not Just the Sensor PDS0004 REV J 04/14/09 © [ … ]

ELIS-1024A-LG PDF File

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