DS1204V – Electronic Key

DS1204V Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : DS1204V

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Electronic Key.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Dallas Semiconductor

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DS1204V Datasheet PDF

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w w a D . w S a t e e h U 4 t m o .c DS1204V DS1204V Electronic Key FEATURES PIN ASSIGNMENT • Cannot be deciphered by reverse engineering • Partitioned memory thwarts pirating • User-insertable packaging sion allows personal posses- DALLAS DS1204V ELECTRONIC KEY • Exclusive blank keys on request • Appropriate identification can be made with a 64-bit reprogrammable memory SIDE • Unreadable 64-bit security match code virtually prevents deciphering by exhaustive search with over 1019 possibilities • 128 bits of secure read/write memory create additional barriers by permitting data changes as often as needed • Rapid erasure of identification security match code and secure read/write memory can occur if tampering is detected • Low-power CMOS circuitry • Four million bps data rate • Durable and rugged • Applications include software authorization, gray market software protection, proprietary data, financial transactions, secure personnel areas, and system access control DESCRIPTION The DS1204V Electronic Key is a miniature security system that stores 64 bits of user-definable identification code and a 64-bit security match code that protects 128 bits of read/write nonvolatile memory. The 64-bit identification code and the security match code are programmed into the key via a special program mode operation. After programming, the key follows a procedure with a serial format to retrieve or update data. Interface cost to a microprocessor is minimized by on-chip circuitry that permits data transfer with only three signals: Clock (CLK), Reset (RST), and Data Input/Output (DQ). w w t a .D w S a e h 1 BOTTOM: PIN VIEW 1.0 IN t e U 4 .c m o 5 See Mech. Drawings Section PIN DESCRIPTION Pin 1 – VCC Pin 2 – RST Pin 3 – DQ Pin 4 – CLK Pin 5 – GND +5 Volts Reset Data Input/Output Clock Ground Low pin count and a guided entry for mating receptacle overcome mechanical problems normally encountered with conventional integrated cir [ … ]

DS1204V PDF File

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