DF100 – Norfolk Amateur Radio Club DF100 direction finder project for Foxhunting

DF100 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : DF100

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Norfolk Amateur Radio Club DF100 direction finder project for Foxhunting.

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Manufacturer : ETC

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DF100 Datasheet PDF

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Norfolk Amateur Radio Club DF100 direction finder project for “Foxhunting” I ntroduction The DF100 is a simple direction finder designed for ‘Fox Hunt’ events on 2 metres, although could be adapted for other bands. Basically it works by using 2 identical Dipoles parallel with each other and alternately switched so that the signal picked up by each can be heard alternately by the receiver. As the Dipole is rotated there comes a point in which the signal reaching both dipoles is exactly the same and in this way the direction can be ascertained. Although simple in design the circuit is remarkably effective, the only real flaw being that the signal direction could be either in front or behind the dipole! By using a reflector (even your body!) and a careful ear the real direction can be discovered and there is plenty of scope for experimentation in this and other aspects of the design. For more information on Fox hunting/DF equipment check out the web – there’s plenty there! We hope this NARC kit with encourage members to venture both into some construction work and also take part in the fun event that is fox hunting – it does not have to be just a once a year event! Making it easy.. A NARC club kit of the all electronic parts, including PCB, is available as a service to club members the other materials required to make the Dipole etc are readily available DIY materials you will probably already have at home. The kit of parts is entirely optional – you can just have all the information if you want to make it entirely yourself, including PCB artwork (although it should also work on veroboard). What the NARC kit contains: 1 x NE555 Timer 1 x IC socket 1 x 1K resistor 1 x 100K resistor 4 x 470R resistor 2 x 10nF capacitors 3 x 1nF capacitors 2 x 1N916 equiv diodes 1 x 2 Pole 3 position centre off toggle switch 1 x PP3 Battery clip 1 x DF100 PCB (needs to be drilled) 1 x BNC plug prewired to long length of RG58 50Ω coax (connection to receiver) Coax cable to l [ … ]

DF100 PDF File

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