D7566ACS – UPD7566ACS

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Part number : D7566ACS

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, UPD7566ACS.

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Manufacturer : NEC

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D7566ACS Datasheet PDF

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DATA SHEET MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT µPD7566A, 7566A(A) 4-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCOMPUTER DESCRIPTION The µPD7566A is a product of the µPD7554, 7564 sub-series which is a low-end, low-cost version of the µPD7500 series microcomputers. This 4-bit single-chip microcomputer has fewer ports than the other products in the µPD7500 series, in order to reduce the package size, and is especially ideal for temperature control applications, as well as for application systems, such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, refrigerators, rice cooker, washing machines, and cassette deck controllers. Some of the output pins for the microcomputer can be used to directly drive triacs and LEDs. In addition, various I/O circuits can be selected by mask options, so that the number of necessary external circuits can be significantly reduced. A detailed function description is provided in the following user’s manual. Be sure to read this manual when designing your system. µPD7556, 7566 User’s Manual: IEM-1111D FEATURES • 45 instructions (subset of the µPD7500H SET B) • Instruction cycle: 2.86 microseconds (700 kHz, at 5V) with ceramic oscillator • Program memory (ROM): 1,024 words x 8 bits • Data memory (RAM): 64 words x 4 bits • Test sources: 1 external and 1 internal • 8-bit timer/event counter • 19 I/O lines (total output current: 100 mA) . Five pins can be used to directly drive triacs and LEDS : P80 to P82, P90 to P91 . Eight pins can be used to directly drive LEDs : P100 to P103, P110 to P113 . Four comparator input pins: P10/Cin 0 to P13/Cin 3 . Mask option functions available on all ports • Standby functions (STOP/HALT) • Data memory contents can be retained on a low voltage • Internal ceramic oscillator for system clock oscillation • CMOS • Low-power dissipation • Single power source (2.7 to 6.0V) APPLICATIONS PIN CONFIGURATION (Top View) P00/INT0 P01/Vref P10/Cin0 P11/Cin1 P12/Cin2 P13/Cin3 P80 P81 P82 CL2 CL1 VDD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [ … ]

D7566ACS PDF File

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