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Part number : CC5551

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, NPN COMPLEMENTARY SILICON HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSISTOR.

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Manufacturer : CDIL

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CC5551 Datasheet PDF

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Continental Device India Limited An IS/ISO 9002 and IECQ Certified Manufacturer IS/ISO 9002 Lic# QSC/L- 000019.2 NPN COMPLEMENTARY SILICON HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSISTOR CC5551 (9AW) TO-92 BCE MARKING : NCC 5551 High Voltage NPN Transistor for General Purpose and Telephony Applications ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS DESCRIPTION SYMBOL VALUE VCEO Collector -Emitter Voltage 160 VCBO Collector -Base Voltage 180 VEBO Emitter -Base Voltage 6.0 IC Collector Current Continuous 600 PD Power Dissipation @Ta=25°C 625 Derate Above 25°C 5.0 PD Power Dissipation @Tc=25°C 1.5 Derate Above 25°C 12 Tj Junction Temperature 150 Tstg Storage Temperature -55 to +150 THERMAL RESISTANCE Rth(j-c) Junction to Case 125 Rth(j-a) (1) Junction to Ambient 357 (1) Rth(j-a) is measured with the device soldered into a typical printed circuit board ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25°C unless specified otherwise) DESCRIPTION SYMBOL TEST CONDITION VCEO IC=1mA,IB=0 Collector -Emitter Voltage VCBO Collector -Base Voltage IC=100µA.IE=0 VEBO Emitter -Base Voltage IE=10µA, IC=-0 ICBO VCB=160V, IE=0 Collector-Cut off Current Ta=100°C VCB=160V, IE=0 VEB=4V, IC=0 IC=1mA,VCE=5V IC=10mA,VCE=5V IC=50mA,VCE=5V IC=10mA,IB=1mA IC=50mA,IB=5mA IC=10mA,IB=1mA IC=50mA,IB=5mA UNIT V V V mA mW mw/°C W mw/°C °C °C °C/W °C/W MIN 160 180 6.0 – TYP – MAX 50 UNIT V V V nA Emitter-Cut off Current DC Current Gain IEBO hFE* Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage Base Emitter Saturation Voltage VCE(Sat) * VBE(Sat) * 80 80 30 – – 50 50 320 0.15 0.2 1.0 1.0 µA nA V V V V Continental Device India Limited Data Sheet Page 1 of 4 NPN COMPLEMENTARY SILICON HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSISTOR CC5551 (9AW) TO-92 BCE ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25°C Unless Otherwise Specified) DESCRIPTION Dynamic Characteristics Small Signal Current Gain Transition Frequency Output Capacitance Input Capacitance Noise Figure SYMBOL TEST CONDITION hfe ft Cob Cib NF IC=1mA, VCE=10V f=1KHz VCE=10V,IC=10mA, f=100MHz VCB=10V, IE=0 f=1MHz VEB=0.5V, [ … ]

CC5551 PDF File

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