BLM15AG601AN1 – On-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filters

BLM15AG601AN1 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : BLM15AG601AN1

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, On-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filters.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Murata

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BLM15AG601AN1 Datasheet PDF

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CAUTION catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning, Pleaseread readrating ratingand and! ! CAUTION(for (forstorage, storage,operating, operating,rating, rating,soldering, soldering,mounting mountingand andhandling) handling)in inthis thisPDF catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning, etc. etc. !Note •Please specifications. you are requested todetailed approvespecifications. our product specifications or to transact the approval for product before ordering. •This Thiscatalog cataloghas hasonly onlytypical typical specificationsTherefore, because there is no space for Therefore, please approve our productsheet specifications or specifications transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering. C31E12.pdf 04.8.30 On-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filters (EMIFILr) Chip Ferrite Beads Part Numbering Chip Ferrite Beads (Part Number) qProduct ID Product ID BL wType Code A M eDimensions (LgW) Code 03 15 18 2A 21 31 41 Dimensions (LgW) 0.6g0.3mm 1.0g0.5mm 1.6g0.8mm 2.0g1.0mm 2.0g1.25mm 3.2g1.6mm 4.5g1.6mm EIA 0201 0402 0603 0804 0805 1206 1806 iNumber of Circuits Code 1 4 rCharacteristics/Applications Code *1 AG TG BA BB BD PG RK HG EG HB HD HK GG for Power Supplies for Digital Interface for GHz Band General Use for GHz Band General Use (Low DC Resistance type) for GHz Band High-speed Signal Line for GHz Band Digital Interface for High-GHz Band General Use for High-speed Signal Lines Characteristics/Applications for General Use BLM18 BLM18 BLM15/BLM18/BLM21/BLA2A BLM15/BLM18/BLM21/BLA2A/BLA31 BLM15/BLM18/BLM21/BLM31/BLM41 BLM18/BLM21 BLM15/BLM18 BLM18 BLM15/BLM18 BLM18 BLM18 Series BLM03/BLM15/BLM18/BLM21/BLM31/BLA2A/BLA31 Number of Circuits 1 Circuit 4 Circuits uCategory Code N H Category Standard Type For Automotive Type Array Type Monolithic Type Chip Ferrite Beads BL q M w 18 e AG r 102 t S N 1 D tImpedance Expressed by three figures. The unit is in ohm (Ω). The first and second figures are significant digits, and the th [ … ]

BLM15AG601AN1 PDF File

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