BL3401 – P-Channel High Density Trench MOSDET

BL3401 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : BL3401

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, P-Channel High Density Trench MOSDET.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : GME

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BL3401 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

P-Channel High Density Trench MOSDET FEATURES z Super high dense cell trench design for low RDS(ON). z Rugged and Reliable. Pb Lead-free APPLICATIONS z P-channel enhancement mode effect transistor. z Switching application. Production specification BL3401 ORDERING INFORMATION Type No. Marking BL3401 A19TF SOT-23 Package Code SOT-23 MAXIMUM RATING @ Ta=25℃ unless otherwise specified Symbol Parameter VDSS Drain-Source voltage VGSS ID IDM IS Gate -Source voltage Drain Current-Continuous a -Pulseb @ TA = 25 ℃ Drain-Source Diode Forward Current a PD Power Dissipation RθJA Thermal resistance,Junction-to-Ambient TJ, Tstg Junction and Storage Temperature Value -25 ±12 -4.2 -16 -2.2 1.25 75 -55 to +150 Units V V A A W ℃/W ℃ C194 Rev.A 1 Production specification P-Channel High Density Trench MOSDET BL3401 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS @ Ta=25℃ unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Test conditions MIN TYP MAX UNIT STATIC PARAMETERS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Gate-body Leakage ON CHARACTERISTICSb Gate Threshold Voltage BVDSS IDSS IGSS VGS(th) Static drain-Source on-resistance RDS(ON) DRAIN-SOURCE DIODE CHARACTERISTICSb Drain-Source diode forward voltage VSD DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICSC VGS=0V,ID=-250μA VDS=-20V, VGS=0V VDS=0V, VGS=-12V VDS=VGS, ID=-250μA VGS=-10V,ID=-4.2A VGS=-4.5V,ID=-4.0A VGS=-2.5V,ID=-1.0A VGS=0V,ID=-1A Input capacitance Output capacitance Reverse transfer capacitance CISS COSS CRSS VDS=15V,VGS=0V,f=1.0MHz SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICSC Turn-On Delay Time Rise Time Turn-Off Delay Time Fall Time tD(ON) tr tD(OFF) tf VDS = -15V, ID= -1A RL =15Ω, VGEN= -4.5V, RGEN= 10Ω Total Gate Charge Gate-Source Charge Gate-Drain Charge Qg Qgs Qgd VDS = -15V ID= -1A VGS= -10V, NOTE: b. Pulse Test: Pulse width ≤ 300us , Duty Cycle ≤ 2% . C. Guaranteed by design , not subject to production testing . -25 – – – – -1 – – -100 -0.7 -1.0 -1.3 – 37 5 [ … ]

BL3401 PDF File

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