BK3231 – Bluetooth HID SoC

Part number : BK3231

Functions : Bluetooth HID SoC, This is Semiconductor.

Manufacturer : Beken

Image :

BK3231 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

BK3231 v0.1 BK3231 Bluetooth HID SoC Datasheet Objective Specification Beken Corporation 3A,1278KeyuanRd,Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Pudong new Distrinct,Shanghai,201203,china Tel: (86)21 51086811 Fax: (86)21 60871277 This document contains information that may be proprietary to, and/or secrets of, Beken Corporation. The contents of this document should not be disclosed outside the companies without specific written permission. Disclaimer:


s of specific implementations are for illustrative purpose only, actual hardware implementation may differ. © 2011Beken Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 1 of 12 BK3231 v0.1 Revision History Version 0.1 Date 23/Mar/2012 17/Oct/2012 29/Nov/2012 Author(s) Weifeng Weifeng LiangHuang


Initial Draft Update for MP pin assignment for keyboard, with additional JTAG at cost of 5 less GPIOs Update pin description © 2011Beken Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 2 of 12 BK3231 v0.1 Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 General


. 6


.. 6 Block Diagram 7 PIN information . 8 Electrical Specifications .. 11 © 2011Beken Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 3 of 12 BK3231 v0.1 List of Figures FIGURE 1BK3231 BLOCK DIAGRAM . 7 FIGURE 2BK3231QFN56PIN ASSIGNMENT .. [ ]

BK3231 PDF File

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