BD9397EFV – LED Drivers

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Part number : BD9397EFV

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, LED Drivers.

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Manufacturer : ROHM

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BD9397EFV Datasheet PDF

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Datasheet LED Drivers for LCD Backlights White LED Driver for large LCD panel BD9397EFV ●General


BD9397EFV is a high efficiency driver for white LEDs and designed for large LCD panel. This IC is built-in high current drive and high responsibility type 6ch LED drivers and 1ch boost DCDC converter. BD9397EFV has some protect function against fault conditions, such as the over-voltage protection (OVP), LED OPEN and SHORT protection, the over current limit protection of DCDC (OCP). Therefore BD9397EFV is available for the fail-safe design over a wide range output voltage. ●Key Specification  Operating power supply voltage range: 9.0V to 35.0V  Oscillator frequency: 500kHz (RT=30kΩ)  Operating Current: 9mA (typ.)  Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C ●Applications TV, Computer Display, Notebook, LCD Backlighting ●Typical Application Circuit Vin Cin + REG9V VCC VCC STB CVCC FAIL_MODE FAIL_RST RT OSC + VREG UVLO (VCC) UVLO TSD OVP SCP ●


■ 6ch Constant LED drivers, available 400mA drive per 1ch. ■ ■ Constant current accuracy ±1.8% (IC only) Each 6ch external PWM inputs can control independent dimming . ■ Current analog (linear) dimming by VREF ■ 1ch boost controller with current mode (external FET) ■ Several protection functions DCDC part : OCP/OVP/UVLO/TSD LED driver part :OPEN,SHORT detection ■ ■ SHORT detection voltage is set by LSP terminal. Error detection output FAIL terminal inside (normal=Open, error=Drain) ●Package W(Typ.) D(Typ.) H(Max.) 13.60mm x 7.80mm x 1.00mm 0.65mm HTSSOP-B40 Pin Pitch: Cout UVLO OVP FAIL PROTECTION Logic Filter CP PWM COMP + – REG9V Control Logic DRIVER Current Sense N PGND REG9V CS M_DET LED1 + S1 SS SS FB RFB CFB LED_LV REG9V LSP ERR AMP + OPEN/SHORT Detect VREF PWM1 1/5 + + – LED6 S6 PWM6 AGND AGND N.C. Figure 2. HTSSOP-B40 Figure 1. Typical Application Circuit ○Product structure:Silicon monolithic integrated circuit . © 20 [ … ]

BD9397EFV PDF File

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