BA7230LS – NTSC color TV signal encoder

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Part number : BA7230LS

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, NTSC color TV signal encoder.

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Manufacturer : Rohm

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BA7230LS Datasheet PDF

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Multimedia ICs NTSC color TV signal encoder BA7230LS The BA7230LS comprises an RGB signal matrix circuit, balanced modulator circuit (rectangular 2-phase modulation), oscillator circuit (VCXO) for a 3.58MHz subcarrier synchronized with video input burst signals, luminosity and color difference signal mixing circuit, and a high speed switch for selecting composite signals of video input and RGB input. RGB signals, synch signals, BFP (burst flag pulses), PCP (pedestal clamp pulses) are input, and an NTSC composite signal is output. Applications • Televisions (Teletext-capable), captain systems, video cameras, personal computers


• 1) Allows superimposition of video images (VIDEO IN) and computer images (RGB IN). 2) During superimposition, the subcarrier locked onto the video input burst signal RGB is modulated with the RGB signals by the APC circuit, preventing unnatural color disturbance due to switching. 3) Both the RGB and video input signals are pedestalclamped, maintaining a natural image even during fluctuation in luminosity. 4) Using a half down pulse, the video signal can be reduced by 5dB to darken the background and make the superimposed RGB image easier to see. 5) Carrier leak is suppressible to less than 70mVP-P (VOUT = 2VP-P) without adjustment. 6) Can be adapted for analog RGB input. 7) Compact 24-pin SZIP package minimizes external components. •Block diagram BA7230LS VIDEO OUT 1 2 SYNC IN Y IN R-Y IN 3 + + 4 B-Y IN BURST LEVEL ADJUSTMENT VB 5 6 VC VA 7 MOD MOD 8 9 VCXO 10 BFP IN APC PHASE 11 ADJUSTMENT AR 13 PD 12 PD 14 AG AB 15 MATRIX B-Y OUT 17 B-Y GND 19 HD PCP IN 21 22 HDP IN 20 VIDEO IN 16 Y OUT R-Y 18 R-Y OUT YSP IN 23 VCC 24 VCC 1 Multimedia ICs BA7230LS •Input / output circuits 3 3.2V CLAMP 500Ω 1kΩ 2V 9.1kΩ 10kΩ 15kΩ 2 1 2.2V 24 23 22 15kΩ 7.5kΩ 15kΩ 10kΩ 15kΩ 10kΩ CLAMP 1kΩ 2V 500Ω GND 6 1V 4 5.6kΩ VCC 21 5 20 BA7230LS 10kΩ VCC 1kΩ 19 7 6.8kΩ 2.7V 1.2kΩ 4.3k�� [ … ]

BA7230LS PDF File

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