BA6397FP – 4-channel BTL driver for CD players

BA6397FP Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : BA6397FP

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 4-channel BTL driver for CD players.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Rohm

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BA6397FP Datasheet PDF

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Optical disc ICs 4-channel BTL driver for CD players BA6397FP The BA6397FP is a 4-channel BTL driver for CD player motors and actuators. The 5V regulator and internal standard operational amplifier make this IC suited to a broad range of applications. FApplications CD players and CD-ROM drives F


1) HSOP 28-pin package allows for miniaturization of applications. 2) Low number of external components. 3) Driver gain is adjustable with a single attached resistor. FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C) 4) Internal 5V regulator. (requires attached PNP transistor) 5) Internal standard operational amplifier. 6) Internal thermal shutdown circuit. FRecommended operating conditions (Ta = 25_C) 332 Optical disc ICs BA6397FP FBlock diagram 333 Optical disc ICs FPin descriptions BA6397FP 334 Optical disc ICs FInput / output circuits BA6397FP 335 Optical disc ICs FElectrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25_C, VCC = 8V, f = 1kHz, RL = 8Ω) BA6397FP FCircuit operation (1) Driver Inputs to the IC are the focus tracking error signal from the servo preamplifier and the control signal from the motor. The input signals, which normally center on 2.5V, are V / I converted by the preamplifier, generating a current corresponding to the input voltage. This current is passed through a resistor and into the internal reference voltage component, the preamplifier output being a signal centering on the internal reference voltage. Two systems (positive phase and negative phase) are created during V / I conversion, generating BTL output via the driver buffer. 336 Optical disc ICs (2) Regulator This is a typical series regulator that generates a reference voltage internally. A PNP low saturation type transistor must be connected. BA6397FP (3) Operational amplifier A standard 4558 type. FApplication example 337 Optical disc ICs FOperation notes (1) The BA6397FP has an internal thermal shutdown circuit. Output current is muted when the chip temperature [ … ]

BA6397FP PDF File

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