BA6219B – Reversible motor driver

BA6219B Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : BA6219B

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Reversible motor driver.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Rohm

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BA6219B Datasheet PDF

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Motor driver ICs Reversible motor driver BA6219B / BA6219BFP-Y The BA6219B and BA6219BFP-Y are reversible-motor drivers suitable for brush motors. Two logic inputs allow four output modes: forward, reverse, idling, and braking. The motor revolving speed can be set arbitrarily by controlling the voltage applied to the motor. FApplications VCRs and cassette tape recorders F


1) Large output current. (IO=2.2A Max.) 2) Built-in thermal shutdown circuit. FBlock diagram 3) Built-in output voltage setting pins. 4) Small standby supply current. 398 Motor driver ICs FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C) BA6219B / BA6219BFP-Y FRecommended operating conditions (Ta = 25_C) FElectrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25_C and VCC = 12V) FElectrical characteristic curves 399 Motor driver ICs BA6219B / BA6219BFP-Y FMeasurement circuits FInput / output truth table 400 Motor driver ICs FPin descriptions (BA6219BFP-Y) BA6219B / BA6219BFP-Y (BA6219B) 401 Motor driver ICs FOperation notes (1) A schematic for the internal circuit associated with the output voltage setting pin (Pin 4) is shown in Fig. 7. The maximum output voltage (VOMAX.) is given by : VOMAX.=VCC1 * VSAT (Q1) * VBE (Q2) * VBE (Q3) * VBE (Q4) For the condition of VR being equal to or less than VOMAX., the relationship between the output voltage (VO) and the pin 4 voltage is given by : VO=VR ) {(VBE (Q5) ) VBE (Q6) ) VBE (Q7)) * (VBE (Q2) ) VBE (Q3) ) VBE (Q4))} Though ∆VBE depends on the output power supply, VO is nearly equal to VR. BA6219B / BA6219BFP-Y (1) When the output voltage control pin (pin 4) is used VR < VCC1 * (VSAT (Q1) ) VBE (Q5) ) VBE (Q6) ) VBE (Q7)) VCC1 * 2.5V VR < VCC2 * {(VSAT (Q3) * VBE (Q3) * VBE (Q2)) ) (VBE (Q5) ) VBE (Q6) ) VBE (Q7))} VCC2 * 1V (2) Thermal shutdown circuit The thermal shutdown circuit turns off the driver output if the chip temperature rises to about 180_. The shutdown signal is not latched. (3) Power supply impedance When the motor st [ ... ]

BA6219B PDF File

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