ATJ2001 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : ATJ2001

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, AUDIO PROCESSOR.

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Manufacturer : Actions Semiconductor

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ATJ2001 Datasheet PDF

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ATJ2001 PDA+MP3 Decoder Actions Semiconductor Co.,LTD 珠海炬力集成电路设计有限公司 ATJ2001(LQFP176) DATA SHEET Ver1.02 1 Tel 86-756-3392353 Fax 86-756-3392251 ATJ2001 PDA+MP3 Decoder Actions Semiconductor Co.,LTD Short


s This is an SoC chip suitable for portable MP3 audio player with minimal component. With developing system provided, it is easy to fit every versatile applications.


24 bits DSP Core with on-chip ICE support On-chip DSP 16K*24 PM and (16K-256)*24 DM, can be switched to be MCU memory space Integrated 8bit MCU with on-chip ICE support which the instructions are compatible with the Z80 CPU Internal 16k bytes SRAM accessed by MCU External up to 512M bytes program MROM/Flash/SRAM accessed by MCU or DMA External SmartMedia Card/MultiMedia Card support Support 14.318MHz/16.368MHz/17.734475MHz/24.576MHz OSC with on-chip PLL for DSP Supported Nand type and Nor type flash memory 2-channel DMA for MCU 1-channel CTC(Counter/Timer Controller) for MCU On-chip interrupt controller for MCU Built-in power management unit(PMU), supporting 1 or 2 batteries operation Support RTC with 32.768kHz or 76.8kHz OSC Support USB1.1 interface Support SPDIF IN/UART/IR interface Support on-chip Stereo 18 bit Sigma-Delta DAC Support external LCM/Keyboard Autoscan(4*9)/GPIO Support external 320*240/240*160/240*120 LCM with Frame Buffer built-in Support external 68xx interface LCM, such as Motorola MC141803 LCD Support on-chip 1/3 biased 1/4 duty LCD driver(4*13DOTs)/Keyboard(2*13)/GPIO Support external CMOS image sensor interface Support FM IF input with counter On-chip 16-bit ADC for Microphone input and touch panel support , sample rate at 8K/11K/12K/16K/22K/24K/32K On-chip 2 channel power amplifiers Key-in Tone uses GPIO, implemented by SW 176-pin LQFP package 2 Tel 86-756-3392353 Fax 86-756-3392251 ATJ2001 PDA+MP3 Decoder Actions Semiconductor Co.,LTD 1. Pin descriptions Pin No. 1 2 3 4 4(1) 5 5(1) 6 6(1) 7 7(1) 8 8(1) 9 9(1) 1 [ … ]

ATJ2001 PDF File

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