APM2509N – N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET

APM2509N Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : APM2509N

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Anpec Electronics Coropration

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APM2509N Datasheet PDF

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APM2509N N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET


• • • • 25V/60A , RDS(ON)=8mΩ(typ.) @ VGS=10V RDS(ON)=11mΩ(typ.) @ VGS=4.5V Super High Dense Advanced Cell Design for Extremely Low RDS(ON) Reliable and Rugged TO-252 Package Pin


1 2 3 G D S Top View of TO-252 D Applications • Power Management in Desktop Computer or DC/DC Converters. G S Ordering and Marking Information APM 2509N L e a d F re e C o d e H a n d lin g C o d e Tem p. Range Package Code N-Channel MOSFET Package Code U : T O -2 5 2 O p e ra tin g J u n c tio n T e m p . R a n g e C : -5 5 to 1 5 0 ° C H a n d lin g C o d e TU : Tube TR : Tape & R eel L e a d F re e C o d e L : L e a d F re e D e v ic e B la n k : O rig in a l D e v ic e AP M 2509N U : AP M 2509N XXXXX XXXXX – D a te C o d e Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol VDSS VGSS ID* IDM Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage (TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted) Rating 25 ±20 60 110 A V Unit Maximum Drain Current – Continuous Maximum Drain Current – Pulsed ANPEC reserves the right to make changes to improve reliability or manufacturability without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify before placing orders. Copyright  ANPEC Electronics Corp. Rev. A.4 – Feb., 2004 1 www.anpec.com.tw * Surface Mounted on FR4 Board, t ≤ 10 sec. APM2509N Absolute Maximum Ratings (Cont.) Symbol PD TJ,TSTG * RθJA (TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted) Rating TC=25°C 50 W 20 -55 to 150 50 2.5 °C °C/W °C/W TC=100°C Unit Parameter Maximum Power Dissipation Maximum Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Thermal Resistance – Junction to Ambient Thermal Resistance – Junction to Case RθJC Electrical Characteristics Symbol Static BVDSS IDSS VGS(th) IGSS RDS(ON) VSD a b a (TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted) Test Condition VGS=0V, IDS=250µA VDS=20V , VGS=0V VDS=VGS, IDS=250µA VGS=±20V, VDS=0V VGS=10V, IDS=35A VGS=4.5V, IDS=20A IS=35A, VGS= [ … ]

APM2509N PDF File

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