APL5930 – Ultra Low Dropout (0.23V Typical) Linear Regulator

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Part number : APL5930

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Ultra Low Dropout (0.23V Typical) Linear Regulator.

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Manufacturer : ANPEC

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APL5930 Datasheet PDF

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APL5930 3A, Ultra Low Dropout (0.23V Typical) Linear Regulator




• Compatible with APL5913 The APL5930 is a 3A ultra low dropout linear regulator. • Ultra Low Dropout The IC needs two supply voltages, one is a control voltage – 0.23V(typical) at 3A Output Current • Low ESR Output Capacitor (Multi-layer Chip Capacitors (MLCC)) Applicable • 0.8V Reference Voltage • High Output Accuracy (V ) for the control circuitry, the other is a main supply CNTL voltage (VIN) for power conversion, to reduce power dissipation and provide extremely low dropout voltage. The APL5930 integrates many functions. A Power-On- Reset (POR) circuit monitors both supply voltages on VCNTL and VIN pins to prevent erroneous operations. – ±1.5% over Line, Load, and Temperature Range The functions of thermal shutdown and current-limit pro- • Fast Transient Response tect the device against thermal and current over-loads. A • Adjustable Output Voltage POK indicates the output voltage status with a delay time • Power-On-Reset Monitoring on Both VCNTL and set internally. It can control other converter for power VIN Pins sequence. The APL5930 can be enabled by other power • Internal Soft-Start systems. Pulling and holding the EN voltage below 0.4V • Current-Limit and Short Current-Limit Protections shuts off the output. The APL5930 is available in a SOP-8P package which • Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis features small size as SOP-8 and an Exposed Pad to • Open-Drain VOUT Voltage Indicator (POK) reduce the junction-to-case resistance to extend power • Low Shutdown Quiescent Current (<30 µA) range of applications. • Shutdown/Enable Control Function • Simple SOP-8P Package with Exposed Pad Applications • Lead Free and Green Devices Available • Front Side Bus VTT (1.2V/3A) (RoHS Compliant) • Note Book PC Applications • Motherboard Applications Pin Configuration Simplified Application Circuit GND 1 FB 2 V [ ... ]

APL5930 PDF File

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