APL5912 – 0.8V Reference Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator

APL5912 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : APL5912

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 0.8V Reference Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator.

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Manufacturer : Anpec Electronics

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APL5912 Datasheet PDF

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APL5912 0.8V Reference Ultra Low Dropout (0.2V@5A) Linear Regulator


• • General


The APL5912 is a 5A ultra low dropout linear regulator. This product is specifically designed to provide well supply voltage for front-side-bus termination on motherboard and NB applications. The IC needs two supply voltages, a control voltage for the circuitry and a main supply volatege for power conversion, to reduce power dissipation and provide extremely low dropout. The APL5912 integrates many functions. A Power-OnReset (POR) circuit monitors both supply voltages to prevent wrong operations. A thermal shutdown and current limit functions protect the device against thermal and current over-loads. A POK indicates the output status with time delay which is set internally. It can control other converter for power sequence. The APL5912 can be enabled by other power system. Pulling and holding the EN pin below 0.3V shuts off the output. The APL5912 is available in SOP-8-P package which features small size as SOP-8 and an Exposed Pad to reduce the junction-to-case resistance, being applicable in 2~3W applications. Ultra Low Dropout – 0.2V (typical) at 5A Output Current Low ESR Output Capacitor (Multi-layer Chip Capacitors (MLCC)) Applicable • • • • • • • • • • • • • 0.8V Reference Voltage High Output Accuracy – ±1.5% over Line, Load and Temperature Fast Transient Response Adjustable Output Voltage by External Resistors Power-On-Reset Monitoring on Both VCNTL and VIN Pins Internal Soft-Start Current-Limit Protection Under-Voltage Protection Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis Power-OK Output with a Delay Time Shutdown for Standby or Suspend Mode Simple SOP-8-P Package with Exposed Pad Lead Free Available (RoHS Compliant) Pin Configuration GND FB VOUT VOUT 1 2 3 4 8 Applications • • • Front Side Bus VTT (1.2V/5A) Note Book PC Applications Motherboard Applications VIN 7 6 5 EN POK VCNTL VIN SOP-8-P (Top View [ … ]

APL5912 PDF File

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