AP3407A – 1.4MHz High Efficiency Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter

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Part number : AP3407A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 1.4MHz High Efficiency Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter.

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Manufacturer : BCD Semiconductor

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AP3407A Datasheet PDF

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Data Sheet 1.2A, 1.4MHz High Efficiency Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter AP3407/A General


The AP3407/A is a 1.4MHz fixed frequency, current mode, PWM synchronous buck (step-down) DC-DC converter, capable of driving a 1.2A load with high efficiency, excellent line and load regulation. The device integrates synchronous P-channel and N-channel power MOSFET switches with low on-resistance. It is ideal for powering portable equipment that runs from a single Li-ion battery. A standard series of inductors are available from several different manufacturers optimized for use with the AP3407/A. This feature greatly simplifies the design of switch-mode power supplies. The AP3407/A is available in SOT-23-5.


• Input Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V • Output Voltage: 0.6V to VIN • ADJ Output • Fixed 1.4MHz Frequency • High Efficiency up to 95% • Output Current: 1.2A • Current Mode Control • 100% Duty Cycle in Dropout • Built-in Over Current Protection • Built-in Short Circuit Protection • Built-in Thermal Shutdown Protection • Built-in UVLO Function • Built-in Soft-start Applications • Datacom • Portable Device • Smart Phone Dec. 2011 Rev. 1. 3 SOT-23-5 Figure 1. Package Type of AP3407/A BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited 1 Data Sheet 1.2A, 1.4MHz High Efficiency Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter AP3407/A Pin Configuration K Package (SOT-23-5) EN 1 GND 2 SW 3 5 FB 4 VIN VIN 1 GND 2 EN 3 5 SW 4 FB (For AP3407) (For AP3407A) Figure 2. Pin Configuration of AP3407/A (Top View) Pin


Pin Number AP3407 AP3407A 13 22 35 41 54 Pin Name EN GND SW VIN FB Function Control input pin. Forcing this pin above 1.5V enables the IC. Forcing this pin below 0.4V shuts down the IC. When the IC is in shutdown mode, all functions are disabled to decrease the supply current below 1.2A Ground pin Power switch output pin. Inductor connection to drain of the internal PFET and NFET switches Supply input pin. Bypass to GND w [ … ]

AP3407A PDF File

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