AMT128503T46L – 1.25Gb/s Integrated 850nm MSM-TIA

AMT128503T46L Information is available here.

Part Number : AMT128503T46L

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, 1.25Gb/s Integrated 850nm MSM-TIA.

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Manufacturer : ANADIGICS Inc

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AMT128503T46L データシート

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AMT128503 1.25 Gb/s Integrated 850 nm MSM-TIA FEATURES · 1.25 Gb/s Differential Output TIA · 3.3V Operation · Automatic Gain Control · 850nm Photodetector with 100 mm x 100 mm Active Area · Integrated MSM detector & TIA · TO-46 Ultra Flat Window or Lens Package · TO-56 Ultra Flat Window Package APPLICATIONS · · Gigabit Ethernet (1.250Gb/s) Fibre Channel (1.0625 Gb/s) Data Sheet – Rev. 0 TO-46F Ultra Flat Window Package TO-46L Lens Package TO-56F Ultra Flat Window Package PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ANADIGICS AMT128503 is a 3.3V monolithically integrated Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (MSM) photodetector and transimpedance amplifier (TIA) used to convert an 850nm input optical signal into a differential output voltage, and is manufactured in ANADIGICS’ 6” GaAs wafer fabrication facility. The integrated MSM and TIA receiver maximizes the receiver performance by minimizing the photodetector input parasitics to the TIA and internally biasing the photodetector to achieve high sensitivity, bandwidth and overload performance. As an integrated product the reliability is inherently better than a discrete solution, and both the MSM-TIA integrated circuit and TO46 flat window, TO46 lens and TO56 flat window packaged receiver pass stringent reliability requirements. These products are readily designed into receivers and transceivers for Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications. Figure 1: AMT128503 Equivalent Circuit VDD 4K VOUT VOUT AGC US Patents: 5047728, 5646573 PIN Charge Pump 6.5 GHz Osc Ground AMT128503 Table 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings V DD PIN TS 6.0 V + 5 dB m Storage Temp. – 65 °C to 125 °C Table 2: Electrical Characteristics PAR AMETER Wavelength (l) D etector Acti ve Area Small Si gnal D i fferenti al Responsi vi ty (1) (@ 50 MHz) Bandwi dth(1) Low Frequency C utoff Output Resi stance Opti cal Overload (2) MIN 770 1000 1000 TYP 850 100 x 100 MAX 860 U N IT nm µm V/W 1500 300 1000 60 40 – 22 700 260 4 15 90 55 10 MHz kHz 25 0 -20 ( [ … ]

AMT128503T46L PDF File

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