AK4324 – 96Khz Sampling 24-Bit DAC

AK4324 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : AK4324

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 96Khz Sampling 24-Bit DAC.

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Manufacturer : AKM

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AK4324 Datasheet PDF

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ASAHI KASEI [AK4324] AK4324 96kHz Sampling 24Bit ∆Σ DAC General


The AK4324 is a high performance 1bit stereo DAC for the 96kHz sampling mode of DAT,DVD including a 24bit digital filter. A 1bit DAC can achieve monotonicity and low distortion with no adjustment and is superior to traditional R-2R ladder based DACs. In the AK4324, the analog outputs are filtered in the analog domain by switched-capacitor filter(SCF) with high tolerance to clock jitter. The digital I/F can correspond to TTL levels.


† High Performance Stereo 1bit DAC † 128x Oversampling † Sampling Rate up to 96kHz † 24Bit 8 times Digital Filter Ripple: ±0.005dB, Attenuation: 75dB † 2nd Order SCF(LPF) with High Tolerance to Clock Jitter † Low Distortion Differential Output † Digital de-emphasis for 32, 44.1, 48kHz, 96kHz sampling † Soft Mute † I/F format : MSB justified, LSB justified, I2S † Dynamic Range: 105dB † Master Clock Normal speed: 256fs or 384fs, Double speed: 128fs or 198fs † Power Supply: 4.5 to 5.5V † Small Package: 24pin VSOP 0168-E-01 -1- 1997/5 ASAHI KASEI [AK4324] „ Ordering Guide AK4324-VF AKD4324 „ Pin Layout -40∼+85°C 24pin VSOP(0.65mm pitch) Evaluation Board 0168-E-01 -2- 1997/5 ASAHI KASEI [AK4324] PIN/FUNCTION No. 1 2 3 Pin Name DVSS DVDD CKS I/O I Digital Ground Pin Digital Power Supply Function Master Clock Select Pin (Internal Pull-down pin) Normal Speed #”L”: MCLK=256fs, #”H”: MCLK=384fs Double Speed #”L”: MCLK=128fs, #”H”: MCLK=192fs Master Clock Input Pin Power-Down Mode Pin When at “L”, the AK4324 is in power-down mode and is held in reset. The AK4324 should always be reset upon power-up. Audio Serial Data Clock Pin 64fs clock is recommended to be input on this pin. Audio Serial Data Input Pin 2’s complement MSB-first data is input on this pin. L/R Clock Pin Soft Mute Pin When this pin goes “H”, soft mute cycle is initiated. When returning “L”, the output mute releases. Doub [ … ]

AK4324 PDF File

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