AD669 – Monolithic 16-Bit DACPORT

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Part number : AD669

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Monolithic 16-Bit DACPORT.

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Manufacturer : Analog Devices

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AD669 Datasheet PDF

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a FEATURES Complete 16-Bit D/A Function On-Chip Output Amplifier High Stability Buried Zener Reference Monolithic BiMOS II Construction ؎1 LSB Integral Linearity Error 15-Bit Monotonic over Temperature Microprocessor Compatible 16-Bit Parallel Input Double-Buffered Latches Fast 40 ns Write Pulse Unipolar or Bipolar Output Low Glitch: 15 nV-s Low THD+N: 0.009% MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available (MSB) DB15 7 CS 6 L1 5 LDAC 23 10k REF IN REF OUT 27 28 Monolithic 16-Bit DACPORT AD669 FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM (LSB) DB0 22 10k 10.05k 16-BIT LATCH 26 SPAN/ BIP OFF 16-BIT LATCH 16-BIT DAC AMP 25 VOUT 24 AGND 10V REF 1 –V EE 2 +VCC AD669 3 +VLL 4 DGND GENERAL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The AD669 DACPORT® is a complete 16-bit monolithic D/A converter with an on-board reference and output amplifier. It is manufactured on Analog Devices’ BiMOS II process. This process allows the fabrication of low power CMOS logic functions on the same chip as high precision bipolar linear circuitry. The AD669 chip includes current switches, decoding logic, an output amplifier, a buried Zener reference and double-buffered latches. The AD669’s architecture insures 15-bit monotonicity over temperature. Integral nonlinearity is maintained at ± 0.003%, while differential nonlinearity is ± 0.003% max. The on-chip output amplifier provides a voltage output settling time of 10 µs to within 1/2 LSB for a full-scale step. Data is loaded into the AD669 in a parallel 16-bit format. The double-buffered latch structure eliminates data skew errors and provides for simultaneous updating of DACs in a multi-DAC system. Three TTL/LSTTL/5 V CMOS compatible signals control the latches: CS, L1 and LDAC. The output range of the AD669 is pin programmable and can be set to provide a unipolar output range of 0 V to +10 V or a bipolar output range of –10 V to +10 V. The AD669 is available in seven grades: AN and BN versions are specified from –40°C to +85°C and are packaged in a 28- [ … ]

AD669 PDF File

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