A564 – 2SA564

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Part number : A564

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 2SA564.

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Manufacturer : Suoer

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A564 Datasheet PDF

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PNP 三极管/PNP TRANSISTOR 2SA564 特点:HFE 高 符合 RoHS 规范 FEATURES: ■HIGH HFE ■ROHS COMPLIANT 应用:通用一般放大 APPLICATION: ■GENERAL AMPLIFIER APPLICATION 最大额定值 / ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(TA=25℃) 参数/ PARAMETER 集电极-基极电压/ Collector-Base Voltage 集电极-发射极电压/Collector-Emitter Voltage 发射极-基极电压/ Emitter -Base Voltage 集电极电流/Collector current 集电极耗散功率/ Collector Power Dissipation 最高结温/Junction Temperature 贮存温度/Storage Temperature 符号/ SYMBOL VCBO VCEO VEBO IC PC TJ TSTG 额定值/ RATING -25 -25 -7 -100 400 150 -65~150 单位/ UNIT V V V mA mW ℃ ℃ 1.Emitter 2.Collector 3.Base 电特性 / ELECTRONIC CHARACTERISTICS(TA=25℃) 参数/ PARAMETER 集电极-基极截止电流/ Collector-Base Cut-off Current 发射极-基极截止电流/ Emitter- Base Cut-off Current 集电极-发射极击穿电压/ Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage 发射极-基极击穿电压/ Emitter -Base Breakdown Voltage 集电极-基极击穿电压/ Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage 集电极-发射极饱和电压/ Collector -Emitter Saturation Voltage 基极-发射极压降 Base-Emitter Voltage 直流放大倍数/ DC Current Gain 输出电容/ Output Capacitance 符号/ SYMBOL ICBO IEBO BVCEO BVEBO BVCBO VCE(sat) VBE HFE1 HFE2 Cob 测试条件/ TEST CONDITIONS VCB=-10V,IE=0 VEB=-6V,IC=0 IC=-2mA, IB=0 IE=-10uA, IC=0 IC=-10uA, IE=0 IC=-100mA, IB=-10mA, VCE=-1V IC=-100A, VCE=-10V,IC=-2mA VCE=-1V,IC=-50mA VCB=-10V IE=0 F=1MHz 130 70 2.5 pF -25 -7 -25 -0.5 -1.0 520 最小值/ MIN 最大值/ MAX -100 -100 单位/ UNIT nA nA V V V V V HFE1 分档 / HFE1 CLASSIFICATION Q 130-260 R 180-360 S 260-520 索尔半导体有限公司 Suoer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 2008.01 [ … ]

A564 PDF File

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