9435GM – SSM9435GM

9435GM Information is available here.

Part Number : 9435GM

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, SSM9435GM.

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Manufacturer : SSM

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9435GM データシート

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SSM9435GM P-channel Enhancement-mode Power MOSFET PRODUCT SUMMARY BVDSS R DS(ON) ID DESCRIPTION The SSM9435GM acheives fast switching performance with low gate charge without a complex drive circuit. It is suitable for low voltage applications such as battery management and general high-side switch circuits. The SSM9435GM is supplied in an RoHS-compliant SO-8 package, which is widely used for medium power commercial and industrial surface mount applications. -30V 50mΩ -5.3A Pb-free; RoHS-compliant SO-8 D D D D G SO-8 S S S ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VDS VGS ID IDM PD Parameter Drain-source voltage Gate-source voltage Continuous drain current, TC = 25°C TC = 70°C Pulsed drain current 1 Value -30 ±20 -5.3 -4.7 -20 2.5 0.02 Units V V A A A W W/°C Total power dissipation, TC = 25°C Linear derating factor TSTG TJ Storage temperature range Operating junction temperature range -55 to 150 -55 to 150 °C °C THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Symbol RΘ JA Parameter Maximum thermal resistance, junction-ambient 3 Value 50 Units °C/W Notes: 1.Pulse width must be limited to avoid exceeding the maximum junction temperature of 150°C. 2.Pulse width <300us, duty cycle <2%. 3.Mounted on a square inch of copper pad on FR4 board ; 125°C/W when mounted on the minimum pad area required for soldering. 2/12/2006 Rev.3.01 www.SiliconStandard.com 1 of 5 SSM9435GM ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Symbol BVDSS Parameter Drain-source breakdown voltage Breakdown voltage temperature coefficient (at Tj = 25°C, unless otherwise specified) Test Conditions VGS=0V, ID=-250uA Reference to 25°C, ID=-1mA VGS=-10V, ID=-5.3A VGS=-4.5V, ID=-4.2A Min. -30 -1 Typ. -0.04 10 9 3 5 11 8 25 17 507 222 158 Max. Units 50 90 -3 -1 -25 ±100 15 810 V V/°C mΩ mΩ V S uA uA nA nC nC nC ns ns ns ns pF pF pF ∆ BV DSS/∆ Tj RDS(ON) Static drain-source on-resistance2 VGS(th) gfs Gate threshold voltage Forward transconductance VDS=VGS, ID=-250uA VD [ ... ]

9435GM PDF File

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