9014W – Silicon NPN transistor

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Part number : 9014W

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Silicon NPN transistor.

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9014W Datasheet PDF

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9014W(BR3DG9014W) Rev.C Feb.-2015 DATA SHEET 描述 /


s SOT-323 塑封封装 NPN 半导体三极管。Silicon NPN transistor in a SOT-323 Plastic Package. 特征 /


PC 大,hFE 高且特性好,与 9015W(BR3CG9015W)互补。 High PC and hFE, excellent hFE linearity, complementary pair with 9015W(BR3CG9015W). 用途 / Applications 用于低电平、低噪声的前置放大器。 Low frequency, low noise pre-amplifier. 内部等效电路 / Equivalent Circuit 引脚排列 / Pinning 3 21 PIN1:Emitter PIN 2:Base PIN 3:Collector 印章代码 / Marking hFE Classifications Symbol hFE Range Marking A 60~150 HJ6A B 100~300 HJ6B C 200~600 HJ6C D 400~1000 HJ6D http://www.fsbrec.com 1/6 9014W(BR3DG9014W) Rev.C Feb.-2015 极限参数 / Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25℃) 参数 Parameter Collector to Base Voltage Collector to Emitter Voltage Emitter to Base Voltage Collector Current – Continuous Collector Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range 符号 Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO IC PC Tj Tstg DATA SHEET 数值 Rating 50 45 5.0 100 250 150 -55~150 单位 Unit V V V mA mW ℃ ℃ 电性能参数 / Electrical Characteristics(Ta=25℃) 参数 Parameter 符号 Symbol 测试条件 Test Conditions Collector to Base Breakdown Voltage Collector to Emitter Breakdown Voltage VCBO VCEO IC=0.1mA IC=1.0mA IE=0 IB=0 Emitter to Base Breakdown Voltage VEBO IE=0.1mA IC=0 Collector Cut-Off Current ICBO VCB=50V IE=0 Emitter Base Cut-Off Current IEBO VEB=5.0V IC=0 DC Current Gain hFE VCE=5.0V IC=1.0mA Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage VCE(sat) IC=100mA IB=5.0mA Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage VBE(sat) IC=100mA IB=5.0mA Collector-Emitter Voltage VBE VCE=5.0V IC=2.0mA Transition Frequency Output Capacitance fT VCE=5.0V IC=10mA Cob VCB=10V f=1.0MHz IE=0 最小值 典型值 最大值 单位 Min Typ Max Unit 50 V 45 V 5.0 V 0.05 μA 0.05 μA 60 1000 0.14 0.3 V 0.84 1.0 V 0.63 0.7 V 150 270 M [ … ]

9014W PDF File

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