78L05 Datasheet – 5V, Voltage Regulator

78L05 Datasheet PDF learn more. This is 3-Terminal Positive Regulator.

Part number : 78L05, LM78L05

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 3-Terminal Positive Regulators.

Package information : TO-92

Manufacturer : National Semiconductor

Image :

78L05 transistor

The texts in the PDF file :

The LM78LXX series of three terminal positive regulators is available with several fixed output voltages making them useful in a wide range of applications. When used as a zener diode/resistor combination replacement, the LM78LXX usually results in an effective output impedance improvement of two orders of magnitude, and lower quiescent current. These regulators can provide local on card regulation, eliminating the distribution problems associated with single point regulation. The voltages available allow the LM78LXX to be used in logic systems, instrumentation, HiFi, and other solid state electronic equipment.

It is very easy and straight forward to use this IC, just connect the input in to the input voltage which has to be regulated and the ground pin to system ground. The regulated 5V can be obtained from the output pin if the IC.

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78L05 pinout datasheet


1. LM78L05 in micro SMD package
2. Output voltage tolerances of ±5% over the temperature range
3. Output current of 100mA
4. Internal thermal overload protection
5. Output transistor safe area protection
6. Internal short circuit current limit
7. Available in plastic TO-92 and plastic SO-8 low profile packages
8. No external components

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