74HC74AP – CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic Dual D-Type Flip Flop Preset and Clear

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Part Number : 74HC74AP

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic Dual D-Type Flip Flop Preset and Clear.

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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor

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74HC74AP データシート

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TC74HC74AP/AF/AFN TOSHIBA CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TC74HC74AP,TC74HC74AF,TC74HC74AFN Dual D-Type Flip Flop Preset and Clear The TC74HC74A is a high speed CMOS D FLIP FLOP fabricated with silicon gate C2MOS technology. It achieves the high speed operation similar to equivalent LSTTL while maintaining the CMOS low power dissipation. The signal level applied to the D INPUT is transferred to Q OUTPUT during the positive going transition of the CLOCK pulse. CLEAR and PRESET are independent of the CLOCK and are accomplished by setting the appropriate input to an “L” level. All inputs are equipped with protection circuits against static discharge or transient excess voltage. Note: xxxFN (JEDEC SOP) is not available in Japan. TC74HC74AP TC74HC74AF


• • • • • • • • High speed: fmax = 77 MHz (typ.) at VCC = 5 V Low power dissipation: ICC = 2 μA (max) at Ta = 25°C High noise immunity: VNIH = VNIL = 28% VCC (min) Output drive capability: 10 LSTTL loads Symmetrical output impedance: |IOH| = IOL = 4 mA (min) ∼ tpHL Balanced propagation delays: tpLH − Wide operating voltage range: VCC (opr) = 2~6 V Pin and function compatible with 74LS74 TC74HC74AFN Pin Assignment Weight DIP14-P-300-2.54 SOP14-P-300-1.27A SOL14-P-150-1.27 : 0.96 g (typ.) : 0.18 g (typ.) : 0.12 g (typ.) 1 2007-10-01 TC74HC74AP/AF/AFN IEC Logic Symbol Truth Table Inputs CLR Outputs PR H L L H H H D X X X L H X CK X X X Q L H H L H Qn Q Function Clear Preset ⎯ ⎯ ⎯ L H L H H H H L H H L Qn No Change X: Don’t care System Diagram 2 2007-10-01 TC74HC74AP/AF/AFN Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Characteristics Supply voltage range DC input voltage DC output voltage Input diode current Output diode current DC output current DC VCC/ground current Power dissipation Storage temperature Symbol VCC VIN VOUT IIK IOK IOUT ICC PD Tstg Rating −0.5~7 −0.5~VCC + 0.5 −0.5~VCC + 0.5 ±20 ±20 ±25 [ … ]

74HC74AP PDF File

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