4415GH – AP4415GH

4415GH Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 4415GH

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, AP4415GH.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Advanced Power Electronics

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4415GH Datasheet PDF

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AP4415GH/J Pb Free Plating Product Advanced Power Electronics Corp. ▼ Simple Drive Requirement ▼ Low On-resistance ▼ Fast Switching Characteristic G S ▼ RoHS Compliant D P-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE POWER MOSFET BVDSS RDS(ON) ID -35V 36mΩ -24A


The TO-252 package is universally preferred for all commercialindustrial surface mount applications and suited for low voltage applications such as DC/DC converters. The through-hole version (AP4415GJ) is available for low-profile applications. G D S TO-252(H) G D S TO-251(J) Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol VDS VGS ID@TC=25℃ ID@TC=100℃ IDM PD@TC=25℃ TSTG TJ Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Pulsed Drain Current 1 Rating -35 ±25 -24 -15 80 31.25 0.25 -55 to 150 -55 to 150 Units V V A A A W W/ ℃ ℃ ℃ Total Power Dissipation Linear Derating Factor Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Range Thermal Data Symbol Rthj-c Rthj-a Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-case Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Max. Max. Value 4 110 Units ℃/W ℃/W Data and specifications subject to change without notice 200701052-1/4 AP4415GH/J Electrical Characteristics@Tj=25oC(unless otherwise specified) Symbol BVDSS ΔBVDSS/ΔTj Parameter Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Test Conditions VGS=0V, ID=-250uA 2 Min. -35 -1 – Typ. -0.02 18 11 2 4 10 52 20 7 990 220 150 Max. Units 36 60 -3 -1 -25 ±100 18 1580 V V/℃ mΩ mΩ V S uA uA nA nC nC nC ns ns ns ns pF pF pF Breakdown Voltage Temperature Coefficient Reference to 25℃, ID=-1mA RDS(ON) Static Drain-Source On-Resistance VGS=-10V, ID=-16A VGS=-4.5V, ID=-12A VGS(th) gfs IDSS IGSS Qg Qgs Qgd td(on) tr td(off) tf Ciss Coss Crss Gate Threshold Voltage Forward Transconductance Drain-Source Leakage Current (Tj=25oC) Drain-Source Leakage Current (Tj=150 C) o VDS=VGS, ID=-250uA VDS=-10V, ID=-16A VDS=-30V, V [ … ]

4415GH PDF File

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