3TF30 – AC Contactors

3TF30 Information is available here.

Part Number : 3TF30

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, AC Contactors.

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Manufacturer : Siemens

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3TF30 データシート

Some text files in PDF file :

Contactor Instructions 3TF30, 3TF31 DIN VDE 0660, IEC 60947 Order No.: 3ZX1012>0TF00>1AA2 ! Limited protection against contact with live parts Degree of protection IP 20 to IEC 60529 Safe from finger touch to DIN VDE 0106, Part 100 Commissioning and maintenance by qualified personnel only. Follow the operating instructions. Cleaning Remove dust by suction. Auxiliary contact block For replacement see Fig. V. WARNING: HAZARDOUS VOLTAGE CAN CAUSE ELECTRICAL SHOCK AND BURNS. DISCONNECT POWER BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH ANY WORK ON THIS EQUIPMENT. Installation For dimension drawings (dimensions in mm) see > Fig. I a > Fig. I b a.c. operated d.c. operated 1) Minimum clearances from earthed parts Snap onto 35 mm standard mounting rail to DIN EN 50 022 or fix on a plain surface with two M4 screws. With screw mounting, always use plain washers and spring washers. Cover the contactors during installation if foreign particles, such as swarf, can fall onto them. Install contactors in a housing if they are exposed to dirt, dust or aggressive atmospheres. For permissible mounting positions see > Fig. II a a.c. operated > Fig. II b d.c. operated Connection The terminal screws can be tightened with a power screwdriver. Screwdriver blade width: 5 to 6 mm Permissible cross>sections for main and auxiliary conductors : Solid Finely stranded, with end sleeve 2¥0.5 to 1 mm2 2¥1 to 2.5 mm2 1¥4 mm2 2¥0.75 to 2.5 mm2 AWG wires 2¥AWG 18 to 12 Tightening torque standard type 0.8to 1.4 Nm/7 to 12 lb.in Tightening torque auxiliary contact block 0.8to 1.1 Nm/7 to 10 lb.in Use 75 ∞C copper wire only. For circuit diagram and position of connection terminals see Fig. III. For circuit diagram (NEMA) see Fig. A. > Fig. III a 1NO > Fig. III b 1NC > Fig. III c without auxiliary contacts Operation Observe operating voltage (see rating plate of magnet coil). The operating state of the contactor is shown by the position of the contact carrier; see Fig. IV. When the system voltage [ … ]

3TF30 PDF File

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