32LF552A – LG LED TV applies LCD screen Manual

32LF552A Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 32LF552A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, LG LED TV applies LCD screen Manual.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : LG

Image :

32LF552A Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

LED TV LF55** www.lg.com AAA a X4 (M4 X L14) 42LF55** AAA b X4 (M4 X L20) 32LF55** X2 42LF55** : Depending on model / Selon le modèle / Dependendo do modelo / P/No: MFL68744802 (1504-REV02) Printed in Korea i 1 12 34 a/ b 1 2 USB IN SERVICE 2B A B A IN AUDIO OUT 2 1 AV IN 2 ANTENNA / CABLE IN AUDIO OUT AV IN 2 AUDIO OUT AV IN 2 USB IN VIDEO LR AUDIO LR AUDIO VIDEO L (MONO) AUDIO R SERVICE ONLY 3 41 2 34 12 34 : Depending on model / Selon le modèle / Dependendo do modelo / 5 E G1 AF B G2 DC A x B x C (mm) A x E x F (mm) D (kg) D – ( G1 + G2 ) (kg) 32LF551A-TA 32LF552A-TA 32LF553A-TA 32LF550A-TE 32LF554A-TE 731 x 480 x 208 731 x 442 x 56.5 5.9 5.7 42LF551A-TA 42LF552A-TA 42LF553A-TA 42LF550A-TE 42LF554A-TE 959 x 611 x 218 959 x 570 x 56.2 9.5 9.2 *MFL68744802* OWNER’S MANUAL Safety and Reference LED TV* * LG LED TV applies LCD screen with LED backlights. Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. *MFL68662403* www.lg.com P/NO : MFL68662403 (1505-REV02) Printed in Korea ENGLISH Safety instructions Please read these safety precautions carefully before using the product. WARNING Make sure to connect Mains cable to compliant AC mains socket with Grounded earth pin. (Except for devices which are not grounded on earth.) Otherwise possibility you may be electrocuted or injured. Do not place the TV and/or remote control in the following environments: •  A location exposed to direct sunlight •  An area with high humidity such as a bathroom •  Near any heat source such as stoves and other devices that produce heat •  Near kitchen counters or humidifiers where they can easily be exposed to steam or oil •  An area exposed to rain or wind •  Near containers of water such as vases Otherwise, this may result in fire, electric shock, malfunction or product deformation. Insert power cable plug completely into wall socket otherwise if not secured completely [ … ]

32LF552A PDF File

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