B1403N Datasheet – 5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter

Part number : B1403N, LB1403N

Functions : 5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter

Package information : ZIP 9 Pin

Manufacturer : Sanyo Electric


B1403N LED Level Meter

Features and Fuctions

1. Capable of generating a bar-display for input voltage with 5 LEDs.
2. Operates from either AC or DC input voltage because of on-chip rectifier amplifer.
3. Lighting levels remain stable to line regulation because of on-chip voltage reference.
4. LEDs are driven by a contant curret; stable to line regulation.
5. Five types of ICs constitute the series with various lighting levels of the LEDs and driving currents.

B1403N datasheet pinout

1. AC level meters such as VU meters
2. DC level meters such as signal meters


B1403N Datasheet PDF



IS2064 Datasheet – Bluetooth Stereo Audio SoC

Part number : IS2064

Functions : Bluetooth Dual Mode Stereo Audio SoC

Package information : LGA 68 Pin, BGA 61 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Microchip Technology


IS2064 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Chip


The IS2064 products are part of our Bluetooth Dual Mode family of stereo audio SoCs.  Three variants are offered in a variety of packages, form factors and memory configurations. The IS2064GM is a Flash-based device that can be programmed to support a variety of speaker configurations. The IS2064S/B are ROM-based devices featuring Stereo Mode functionality, which allows audio playback on two devices.

1. Flash-based devices:
– The IS2062GM and IS2064GM SoCs are offered in LGA packages and contain in-package Flash, which allows for firmware updates.

2. ROM-based devices:
– The IS2064S and IS2064B support Stereo Mode functionality in ROM. This allows for audio playback on two devices. Some Bluetooth parameters can be customized and stored in an internal EEPROM. These products are offered in QFN and BGA packages.


IS2064 datasheet pinout


1. Qualified for Bluetooth v5.0 Specification
2. Bluetooth 5.0 Core System Component QDID is 110017
3. Supports Bluetooth Low Energy data rate up to 1Mbits/s
4. Supports 16 kHz High Definition (HD) Voice


1. Headsets and headphones (IS2062GM and IS2064B)
2. Portable speakers
3. Earbuds and neckbands (IS2064B)

IS2064 Datasheet PDF