RJP4584 IGBT Transistor – 450V, 35A – Hitachi

Part number : RJP4584, RJP4584DPP-90-T2

Manufacturer : Hitachi, Renesas

Functions : High Speed Power Switching IGBT (35A, 450V)

Package information : TO-220 Type

Image :
RJP4584 pinout datasheet


1. Low collector to emitter saturation voltage

2. Gate to emitter voltage rating 30 V

3. Pb-free lead plating and chip bonding



1. RJP4584
Collector to emitter voltage VCES — 450v
Collector current IC —— 35A

2. RJP6065
Collector to emitter voltage VCES — 630v
Collector current IC —— 40A
Collector peak current ic(peak) Note1— 100A

RJP4584 Datasheet PDF


QCA9531 – Advanced WLAN platform – Qualcomm

Part number : QCA9531

Package : DRQFN 12 x 12 mm

Manufactures : Qualcomm ( https://www.qualcomm.com )

The QCA9531 is a highly integrated and feature-rich IEEE 802.11n 2×2 2.4 GHz System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for advanced WLAN platforms.

Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531 main features


1. MIPS 24Kc processor, 64KB I-Cache, 32KB D-Cache, clocked at up to 680MHz
2. Support 16bit DDR1, DDR2 (up to 600MT / s)
3. Supports SPI Flash
4. Integrated 5-port Fast Ethernet switch
5. With a PCI Express 1.1 Root Complex interfaces
6. With a USB 2.0 interface
7. Internal integrated RF front-end
8. integrated 1.2V DCDC converter

QCA9531 internal functional block diagram


QCA9531 Datasheet PDF

QCA9531 Datasheet PDF

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