3TF50 – Contactors for Hoisting Duty – Siemens

Part number : 3TF50

Function : Contactors for Hoisting Duty

Manufacturer : Siemens ( www.siemens.com )



AC-2 operation is the typical duty for starting and switching off fully-loaded slipring motors in the starting phase. The rating of the contactor, to switch the motors, is selected primarily on the basis of rated make & break capacity and desired electrical endurance.


Selection and ordering data



Benefits and features

1. Long life

(1) “Hoisting Duty “Contactors are provided with new design of contacts (AgSnO2 instead of AgCdO) resulting in high electrical and mechanical life.

(2) They are electrically superior in taking care of excessive stresses coming on contactors during their operations in crane applications.

2. Reliability

(1) The “Hoisting Duty” Contactors have vacuum impregnated coils which are suitable for high frequency switching and high vibrations. This helps in reducing coil failures.

(2) Side mounted auxiliary contact blocks are screw mounted and not snap fitted to withstand vibrations and high frequency operation.


Technical Information

Reference PDF : 3TF50.PDF

3TF50 Datasheet PDF


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MT6625L – 4-in-1 Connectivity Chip – Mediatek

Part number : MT6625L

Function : 4-in-1 Connectivity RF Chip

Package information :  40-pin QFN Type

Manufacturer : Mediatek


Product Information

MT6625L is a 4-in-1 connectivity chip which contains a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi/Bluetooth transceiver front-end, a 5GHz Wi-Fi transceiver front-end, a GPS receiver front-end and a complete FM receiver, along with Integrated Passive Device (IPD) in a QFN40 pacakge. Simplified block diagram and how MT6625L is used are shown in Error! Reference source not found.. An always-on low-dropout regulator (ALDO) provides supply voltage to top control logics in MT6625L. The top control logics controls each subsystem independently. Each subsystem also has dedicated LDOs. A thermal sensor and a lowspeed ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) is provided to monitor MT6625L’s temperature variation. MT6625L does not have its dedicated crystal oscillator. It uses either an external (maybe temperature compensated) oscillator or clock source from companion chips in the platform such as MT6166.


Block Diagram




1. MT6625L is a 4-in-1 connectivity RF chip which contains front-ends of a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transceiver, a 5GHz Wi-Fi transceiver, a GPS receiver and an FM receiver.

2. MT6625L supports integrated passive device to save footprint on PCB and cost due to Wi-
Fi/Bluetooth/GPS external BoM (bill of materials) in a 40-pin QFN package.

3. Supports GPS external LNA.

4. Option of IPD: MT6625L offers front-end components flexibility for various filtering / rejection requirements, multiple antenna configurations (e.g., 2-antenna and 3-antenna). Its sister product MT6625 offers higher integration level by integrating a 2.4G/5G diplexer.


Official Homepage : http://www.mediatek.com/


MT6625L Datasheet PDF


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