RT5370 – 2.4Ghz RF/PA/LNA Single Chip – Ralink

Part number : RT5370

Functions : 802.11n 1T1R platform (2.4GHz)

Package information : 52LD QFN ( 7.5mm x 5.7mm )

Manufacturer : MediaTek Inc, Ralink Technology

Image :

RT5370 ralink RT5370N

RT5370 pinout



1. IEEE802.11 b/g/n Wireless Local Area Networks

2. USB 2.0 Wi-Fi Dongle


Functions :

1. Ralink

The RT5370 is a highly integrated MAC / BBP and 2.4 GHz RF/PA/LNA single chip with 150Mbps PHY rate supporting. It fully complies with IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11 b/g feature rich wireless connectivity at high standards, delivers reliable, cost-effective, throughput from an extended distance.




2. MediaTek

RT5370 is a system on a chip (SOC) with a USB 2.0 interface for 802.11n Wi-Fi at data rates up to 150Mbit/s. RT5370 features integrated 802.11n baseband and MAC (media access control), power amplifier and low-noise amplifier, along with both transmit-receive and antenna diversity switches.

Together with an optimised RF architecture and baseband algorithms, RT5370 gives superb performance and reliable throughput with low power consumption.


RT5370 Pinout

RT5370 datasheet pinout




1. 802.11n (2.4GHz)
2. 1T1R with 150Mbit/s PHY data rate
3. Antenna diversity switch
4. USB 2.0 interface
5. QoS, multiple BSSID, Cisco CCX 5.0
6. Advanced power management


Official Homepage : http://www.mediatek.com/en/products/connectivity/wifi/broadband/usb/rt5370/


RT5370 Datasheet PDF

RT5370 pdf


Other data sheets within the file :  RT5370N

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KX-TES824 Manual – Advanced Hybrid System – Panasonic

Part number : KX-TES824, KX-TEM824

Functions : (KX-TEx824 User Manual ) Advanced Hybrid System

Manufacturer : Panasonic Communications


KX-TES824 Manual

Product Information

1. Using Voice Messaging (Built-in Voice Message [BV])

You can set incoming calls to be forwarded to your personal message area to let callers leave voice messages when you cannot answer the phone.

2. If a Voice Processing System is Connected

You can set your calls to be forwarded to a separate Voice Processing System (VPS) to let callers leave messages in your mailbox when you cannot answer the phone.

3. Before Operating a Telephone

A Panasonic proprietary telephone (PT) and single line device (such as a fax machine, modem, SLT, or wireless telephone) can be connected to one extension jack in parallel. These devices share the same extension number.



1. 3-level Automatic Reception with voice guidance
2. DISA (Direct Inward System Access) with message
3. Built-in Voice Message (BV)
4. Caller ID display on SLT and APT
5. Flexible SMS routing
6. Intuitive customisation and maintenance
7. UCD (Uniform Call Distribution) with message
8. Doorphones, Door Openers, and Doorbells
9. Automatic configuration for outside (CO) line type
10. Centralised feature setting for T7710 (PBX mode)


Official Homepage : http://panasonic.net/pcc/products/pbx/products/pbx/kx_tea_tes_tem/

KX-TES824 Manual PDF


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