CT3582C – 4.25V, Universal Charge IC – Coretech

Part number : CT3582C

Functions : 4.25V, Universal Charge IC

Package information : DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer : Shenzhen Coretech Microelectronics

Image :

CT3582C coretech


1. support docking charger mode
2. supports normal mode and two lights three light mode, colorful lights mode
3. Automatic Identification battery polarity
4. Charge saturation voltage 4.25V (typ), can be adjusted through the L1
5. no-load voltage output
6. short circuit protection
7. minimal external components

CT3582C datasheet pinout


CT3582C Datasheet PDF


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JUC-31F – Temperature Switch Relay

Part number : JUC-31F

Functions : Ultra-Small Temperature Relay ( PCB Thermostats )

Image :
JUC-31F temperature relay

Functions :

The JUC-31 series is a miniature bimetallic snap acting thermostat which provides accurate and reliable sensing and switching in a single device. Primarily developed for thermal management applications on power supplies, the Series JUC-31 is also ideally suited for use on crowded P.C. boards. Advanced spring structure design, high sensitivity kick bimetal forming process.

Scope :

electrical equipment, electronic products, household appliances and circuit boards for temperature control and thermal overload protection.

JUC-31F datasheet



1. contact form: normally closed or normally open (D or H)
2. rated load : 220VAC 2A
3. insulation resistance : ≥100MΩ
4. the contact resistance : ≤100mΩ
5. the dielectric strength : 1500VAC
6. Weight : 2g


JUC-31F Datasheet PDF


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