MSM8974 – Qualcomm

Part number : MSM8974

Functions : Snapdragon 800 Processors

Manufacturer : QUALCOMM Incorporated

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MSM8974 datasheet

Functions :

MSM8974 Datasheet PDF

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974)

4x Krait 400 2.3 GHz, Adreno 330 GPU

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processors are designed to deliver blazing fast apps and web browsing, visually stunning graphics, breakthrough multimedia capabilities, seamless communications virtually anytime, anywhere, and outstanding battery life for premium smartphones, digital media adapters and tablets.

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MSM8974 Datasheet PDF
MSM8974 pdf


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Part number : 85T03GP

Functions : NTB85N03 : Power MOSFET 85 Amps, 28 Volts

Manufacturer : Advanced Power Electronics Corp

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85T03GP datasheet

Functions :

The TO-252 package is universally preferred for all commercial industrial surface mount applications and suited for low voltage applications such as DC/DC converters.

The through-hole version (AP85T03GJ) is available for low-profile applications.

85T03GP Datasheet PDF

85T03GP Datasheet PDF PDF
85T03GP pdf

Other data sheets within the file : 85T03GP, 85TO3GP, AP85T03GH, AP85T03J, AP85TO3GH

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